Acrobatic Vikings Set to Tumble Into Govan

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Cartoon of a Viking ship approaching a church
Members of the public are invited to explore Govan’s Viking roots on Saturday 16 September 

With over 2,600 votes, Govan Stones beat out 27 other sites in the search for Scotland’s six most spectacular Hidden Gems as part of the 2017 Year of History Heritage and Archaeology. Living Legends: Vikings Return to Govan will celebrate their victory with free art workshops, acrobatics and hands-on archaeology at Govan Parish Church during Doors Open Days.

The Govan Stones consist of 31 medieval stones carved in the Viking era to commemorate the power of those who ruled the Kingdom of Strathclyde. The collection features carved crosses and cross shafts, five Viking hogback stones and a rare sarcophagus.

Drop-in activities for the event include a green screen photo booth, artefact handling and ‘Carve Your Own Stone’ art workshops for all ages. A troupe of acrobatic Vikings will also be breaking into spontaneous performances between Govan Old Church and the Riverside Museum, which is linked by the free Govan Ferry.

Govan Workspace and Govan Heritage Trust are currently running a campaign to keep the ferry running until at 25 September and beyond, although this will rely heavily on the success of the on-board donation boxes and their Crowdfunder campaign.

Frazer Capie, Volunteer Co-ordinator for The Govan Stones Project, said:

“We can’t wait to host the Living Legends event here amongst the ancient Govan Stones! We were absolutely astounded by the outpouring of enthusiasm we received from the community throughout the Hidden Gems competition, and this event is a brilliant opportunity for us to show our gratitude. We hope to see friends – old and new – this weekend as we bring some Viking festivity back to Govan!”

The ‘Scotland in Six – Hidden Gems’ campaign drew in over 12,000 votes and was coordinated by Dig It! 2017, the year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology. Dig It! 2017 are working in partnership with the Govan Stones Project to organise the event as part of Scottish Archaeology Month.

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