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Delicious Archaeology

Roman Soldiers Baking

Delicious Archaeology

Daylight fades as soldiers gather around a blazing oven; familiar food has always brought comfort to intrepid travellers. Can our sense of taste bring us one step closer to understanding the past?

The Roman marching camp at Kintore in Aberdeenshire was excavated in 2000. This revealed a wealth of features, including the ovens used by different groups of Roman soldiers. Some ovens were identical in style to those from North Africa, suggesting the origins of some of the soldiers who served the Roman Army on its northwest frontier.

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Eagle and IX

According to legend, the elite Roman Ninth Legion disappeared while campaigning in Caledonia, along with its golden eagle standard. Their story has been immortalised in film and novel, but no archaeological trace has ever been discovered in Scotland of the Ninth.


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