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ARCH Lecture Series | 2018

The ARCH lecture series remains the last Wednesday of the month but is moving venue. All talks will be held in Dingwall Lower Town Hall. Entrance is via the side of the Town Hall (on Church Street), with closest parking at the Cromartie Car Park or off Mart road. Talks start at 7:30pm; suggested donation £3.

31 Jan ‘Tarradale Through Time: exciting discoveries from the Black Isle’

Eric Grant will report on exciting results from recent excavations which have uncovered rich remains of the earliest settlers in the Black Isle seven to eight thousand years ago as well as evidence of continued occupation right through prehistory.

28 Feb ‘Land Legacies: the enduring impact of the First World War on Highland land issues’

Iain Robertson of UHI Centre for History will explore the impact of WWI on land issues in the Highlands. It will demonstrate that one of the most significant positive legacies of WW1, one that endures to the present day, are the crofting townships reinvigorated and rebuilt as a direct consequence of the immediate post-war land disturbances.

28 Mar ‘An Archaeology of Coastal Salmon Fishing in Easter Ross’

Alistair Stenhouse, U. of Aberdeen, will review the fishing methods used initially in rivers, then in the estuaries and finally in the deeper coastal deep waters. Secondly he will explore some of the history and social context associated with the 19th century displacement of salmon fishing from the rivers into the estuaries and ultimately into deeper coastal waters. Finally he will examine some of the 43 sites which were surveyed in Easter Ross including examples of site erosion, accretion and vandalism.

25 Apr ‘Bringing a legacy project to publication – the Neolithic and Bronze Age Udal, North Uist’

Beverley Ballin Smith from Glasgow has been part of a team of specialists working to analyse and publish important excavations undertaken by Iain Crawford in North Uist in the 1960s. This talk will focus on the late Neolithic and Bronze Age occupation at this site.

30 May: ‘ Playtime in Pictland’

Join Mark Hall (Perth Museum) as he leads us on a playful journey of roads less travelled by to unravel the story of board games in early medieval Scotland.

27 June ‘The Achavanich Beaker Burial project: latest developments and discoveries’

Over the last three years Maya Hoole has been researching the early Bronze Age burial of a young female from Caithness. With all of the results now in, she will pull together the findings including: osteology, histology, ancient DNA, stable isotope analysis, facial reconstruction, pollen analysis, radiocarbon dating, archaeozoology, and pottery analysis.

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Dingwall Lower Town Hall. Dingwall

Wednesday 31 January - Wednesday 27 June

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