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Experimental Archaeology: Learning about technologies in the past | 2018

The monthly workshops will feature a different craft, and span from Mesolithic to modern times. The aim is consider all aspects of craft production—from raw materials to practical manufacturing constraints. This combination of archaeological insight and craftspeople’s skills has led to some interesting and illuminating insights into early skills.

All workshops are free and family friendly, at venues accessible by public transport. Most have opportunities to have a go. No need to book.

Flint Knapping. 20 January, Inverness Library, 10-4:30. Join James Dilley from University of Southampton to see how prehistoric tools and weapons were made.

Lead seals and ropemaking. 17 February, Dingwall Library, 11-3. Lead seals found in Cromarty are evidence of 18th/19th century Baltic trade in textiles. Engraver Ian Hammond will show how lead cloth seals (as found at Cromarty) and rope were made.

Bone working. 17 March, Dingwall Library, 11-3. Jim Glazzard will show how various Iron Age bone objects were made, including pins, toggles and combs.

Carved Stone Balls. 21 April, Black Isle Showground, Muir of Ord, 11-3. Chris Gee will show how these enigmatic Neolithic stone objects were made.

Pictish Carved Stones. 19 May, Black Isle Showground, Muir of Ord, 11-3. Barry Grove will demonstrate Pictish carving, with opportunities to have a go.

Bronze Age Metalworking. 23 June, Black Isle Show-ground, Muir of Ord, 11-3. In a summer solstice workshop, Neil Burridge from Cornwall will demonstrate the magic of bronze casting.

Telford Technology. 21 July, Inverness Library, 11-3. Thomas Telford revolutionised the Highlands in the early 1800s. John Fulton & Beth Kendell will explore some of his bridges and the technology behind them. Be prepared to experiment.

Viking Ring Money. 25 August, Black Isle Showground, Muir of Ord, 11-3. Jim Glazzard will show us how Viking silver armrings (‘ring money’) were made and discuss other Viking metalworking practices.

Medieval coinage. 15 September, Inverness Library, 11-3. Stuart Strong will demonstrate how medieval coins were made, with a chance for people to have a try and stamping a replica of a coin issued from the short-lived mint in Inverness.

Crafting Day. 6 October, Black Isle Showground, 11-3. As part of Highland Archaeology Festival we’ll have a range of crafts on offer as a finale to the project.

Photo by The Bees on / CC BY-NC

Saturday 20 January - Saturday 06 October

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