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Haddington 700 | 2018

2018 will mark 700 years since the Bruce Charter – the oldest document in East Lothian Archives. While we know Haddington had already been a burgh for almost 200 years we are using the anniversary of the charter to bring together a whole host of events. Celebrating all aspects of history, culture and community we aim to make it a year to remember.

We are pulling together a wide range of events that cover all aspects of life in the town.

Some of the events such as an exhibition on Haddingtons history and a a geophysical survey of St Martins Church will be organised by the Councils Archives & Archaeology teams.

Other events ranging from music festivals to a golf day to fireworks are being arranged by community groups. So far we have over 45 local groups involved in Haddington 700 – brilliant!

All events will be pulled together to create one big programme for the year offering a showcase for everything that is happening in the town and with hopefully something to interest everyone.

Haddington, East Lothian

Monday 01 January - Monday 31 December

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